Table showing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in North Carolina by Select Characteristics


COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in North Carolina by Select Characteristics
Source: U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey, March 17-29, 2021
Total Population 18+Total Vaccine Hesitant*% Vaccine Hesitant
18 - 24603534291464**
25 - 3921153317655500.36190553629668
40 - 5421263207423720.3491346551789
55 - 6413802783968820.28753772790699
65 and above17921041639040.09145897782718
Hispanic origin and Race
Hispanic or Latino (may be of any race)6486282139860.3299055853278
White alone, not Hispanic525644913663910.25994564010799
Black alone, not Hispanic16684396563040.39336409661965
Asian alone, not Hispanic19628832471**
Two or more races + All Other Races, not Hispanic247762910210.36737272059476
Less than high school7541853871590.51334752083375
High school or GED22865677583900.33167189065529
Some college/associate’s degree25938928890130.34273323638764
Bachelor’s degree or higher23829223256110.13664358296243
Presence of children under 18 years old
Children in household310490312366160.39827846473787
No children491266311235570.22870630450328
Previous COVID-19 diagnosis
Not sure7224423537**
Did not report613665221**
* Vaccine hesitant includes individuals who report that they will "probably", "probably not", or "definitely not" get the COVID-19 vaccine or that they do not plan on receiving all required doses.
** The Census Bureau considers estimated coefficients of variation (standard error divided by the estimate times 100) over 30 percent to indicate potentially serious data quality issues related to sampling error. The estimates for this population group exceed this threshold.

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