This Table shows the surveyed reasons for vaccine hesitancy in North Carolina.


These are the values expressed in the image.

Reasons for vaccine hesitancy among North Carolinians*
Source: U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey, March 17-29, 2021
Concerned about possible side effects1,158,12549%
Plan to wait and see if it is safe998,06042%
Don’t trust COVID-19 vaccines659,14528%
Other people need it more right now558,94224%
Don’t trust the government507,12621%
Don’t know if a vaccine will work395,93317%
Don’t believe I need a vaccine344,66815%
Other reason for not receiving or planning to receive vaccine260,98511%
Concerned about the cost186,268**
Don’t like vaccines166,9517%
Don’t think vaccines are beneficial117,162**
Not a member of a high-risk group111,738**
Doctor has not recommended it95,777**
Don’t believe COVID-19 is a serious illness85,867**
Other not believing they need vaccine84,589**
Already had COVID-1971,244**
Plan to use masks or other precautions instead61,940**
* Individuals could report more than one reason for vaccine hesitancy.
** The Census Bureau considers estimated coefficients of variation (standard error divided by the estimate times 100) over 30 percent to indicate potentially serious data quality issues related to sampling error. These estimates exceed this threshold.


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