NC in Focus: Hispanic Employment & Business Ownership

By on 10.17.17 in Economic Data

Series note: This post and the others in this series are the outgrowth of a presentation jointly developed with Dr. Krista M. Perreira and presented by Dr. Perreira to the October meeting of the North Carolina Governor’s Hispanic/Latino Advisory Board. Terminology note: The U.S. Census Bureau introduced the term Hispanic in 1980 and this is a term preferred by some Hispanic/Latino populations. The term Latino became more commonly used in the 1990s and is preferred…

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NC in Focus: New Data on Entrepreneurship

By on 9.2.16 in Economic Data

Nationally, 22.2% of businesses with paid employees had been operating for no more than three years as of 2014. In North Carolina, this proportion is slightly lower: 20.8% or just over 32,000 of the state’s 154,000 firms were younger businesses, according to recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s first Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs. In contrast, North Carolina had an above average proportion of long-established businesses: 6% of North Carolina businesses with paid employees…

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