NC in Focus: Turkeys in North Carolina, 2017

By on 11.21.17 in Economic Data

Turkey production is important to the farming sector of North Carolina. In fact, total poultry production – including turkeys, eggs and broiler chickens – is North Carolina’s top agricultural industry, making up 40% of the state’s farm income. Data from the USDA on “turkey disappearance” per capita in the United States indicated a slight uptick from about 16 pounds annually from 2012-2015 to over 16.5 pounds in 2016 and 2017 (projected). As poultry consumption increases…

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North Carolina agriculture produces key parts of Thanksgiving meal

By on 11.23.15 in Economic Data

North Carolina’s agricultural industry contributes $78 billion to the state’s economy according to the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. Two of the state’s leading agricultural products—sweet potatoes and turkeys—will likely grace many tables this Thursday as individuals and their families celebrate Thanksgiving. Here are a few fun facts about NC turkeys and sweet potatoes: Turkeys North Carolina is the second largest producer of turkeys, after Minnesota. The state’s turkey production was valued at more…

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NC in Focus: Turkeys

NC doesn’t just lead the nation in sweet potatoes – we’re also one of the top turkey producing states. Here are a few fun facts about NC turkeys: 1992 Turkey production—measured as number of heads of turkey produced—peaked in North Carolina in 1992, with 62 million turkeys. The number of turkeys produced in North Carolina has steadily declined since its mid-1990s peak. Although this has led to some declines in overall pounds of turkey produced,…

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