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Located within the Carolina Population Center at UNC-Chapel Hill, we use population-level data and other available research to provide context and perspective to people working to shape North Carolina’s future.

Our clients include local and state governments, foundations, businesses, schools, and not-for profit organizations who need accurate and specific information to make decisions and better understand their communities. We are non-partisan, rigorous, and approachable: Our team pairs a wide array of demographic and research consulting services with your subject matter expertise, leaving you with the data and analysis you need to make informed decisions.

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North Carolina population growth 1990-2035

A chart showing North Carolina population growth from 6.7 million in 1990 to an estimated 12.3 million in 2035.

Source: U.S.Census Bureau, NC OSBM

Our services

Data acquisition

We know where to find relevant data and can translate complex information based on the questions you need to answer. We can also help you determine what questions you should be asking.

Custom population estimates & projections

Using Stata, SAS and R, we can project populations or school enrollments that give insight into how your community will shift in the coming years.

Analysis & interpretation

We can identify potential policy responses to demographic change and analyze the impact of current or proposed policies on specific populations.

Workshops, training, & presentations

We convene and engage your stakeholders and decision-makers to facilitate understanding and dialogue and strengthen the capacity of your organization to communicate data-driven ideas.

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