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Because I can hardly resist an opportunity to a) try to replicate data and b) help someone who’s looking for data, I went poking around for this data this afternoon.

The police department statistics are straightforward. The most recent data is from a 2007 survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. While the total population data source used by The New York Times in their article is not entirely clear, it appears to be the 2010 Census.

Some data wrangling produced a file with information for 73 local police departments in North Carolina.* The Excel file and a file layout are both included here. They are free to use, but please provide attribution for the data to Carolina Demography and share a link to any results!

Data (XLSX | CSV) | File Layout

*Why 73 local police departments? These are the only local departments included in the 2007 BJS data. The BJS surveys “a representative sample of local police departments nationwide on a variety of agency characteristics.”

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