Unaffiliated voter shifts in NC and the nation

In March, North Carolina passed a fascinating milestone: the number of unaffiliated voters overtook the number of registered Democrats to become the largest voting bloc in the state. There have been a number of good analyses of this shift in North Carolina – we recommend started with this deep-dive from Old North State Politics – and also of the shift nationally. As Gallup reported in January, “At least four in 10 Americans have considered themselves…

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Analyzing the Carolina Demography inbox

Shortly after Carolina Demography launched in 2013, we started getting emailed requests for help in using Census data and other data sets. These trickled in from journalists, policymakers, non-profit leaders, and academics throughout the state – and we answered them if they weren’t too complicated and as we had time. By 2018, we were getting over 100 of these requests a year. Two years later, the number of requests for data assistance had tripled –…

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