A new tool to combat prostate cancer disparities in North Carolina

Today we are proud to launch an interactive web-based tool aimed at raising awareness and addressing disparities related to prostate cancer in North Carolina.  Created in conjunction with the UNC Men's Health Program, the Prostate Cancer Across North Carolina tool provides a detailed, county-by-county map view of prostate cancer cases and deaths, offering valuable insights for local and state organizations as well as the public. "By offering detailed insights into new cases and mortality rates…

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2020 Census Detailed Race Data Released

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The US Census Bureau released the 2020 Census Detailed Demographic and Housing Characteristics File A (DDHC-A) on September 21, 2023.  This release provides population and sex by age information for detailed race and ethnicity groups and American Indian or Alaska Native tribes.  As an example - while previous releases from the 2020 Census reported White, Asian, American Indian and Alaska Native populations; the DDHC-A release reports data for the Irish, Korean, or Lumbee Tribe populations. …

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How does North Carolina rank on key statistics?

Are you curious how North Carolina ranks among the states for statistical categories like population, education, government, employment, agriculture, transportation, and more? The newly-updated 2023 How NC Ranks data tool from the NC State Data Center (NC SDC) and NC Office of State Budget and Management (NC OSBM) provides data visualizations highlighting selected data points for the US and North Carolina Notably, the tool also provides historical data, which allows analysis and comparisons over time.…

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Data release: 2022 population estimates

Today the US Census Bureau released 2022 population estimates for Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Areas, incorporated cities and towns, and subcounty areas.  These are annual population estimates based on the last decennial census and not actual 2020 Census counts.  The annual Census estimates should not be confused with certified annual population estimates produced by the State Demographer of North Carolina which will be released later this year The press kit and data from today's release are available…

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Asian American population boom bigger in NC, Southeast

What’s behind the dramatic rise in the Southeast’s Asian Indian population? How can data points such as the median age of Asian American groups predict North Carolina’s future? How do the numbers match with growth trends of other populations like Latinx? A UNC Asian American Center collaborative study with Carolina Demography published in November 2022 will help researchers, scholars and communities answer those questions and many more as they plan for North Carolina’s future. The…

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Nathan Dollar named Director of Carolina Demography

Nathan Dollar, PhD, has been named the new director of Carolina Demography, an applied demography center located within the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Most recently Dollar served as a research scientist and project director for the Dynamics of Extreme Events, People, and Places (DEEPP) survey at the Carolina Population Center, where he investigated the factors that shape how people and communities in eastern North Carolina prepare for,…

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Updated county profiles for understanding educational opportunities in NC

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With myFutureNC, we have released the 2022  County Attainment Profiles which highlights specific opportunities for improvement that will ultimately lead to increased attainment. The profiles highlight each of North Carolina’s 100 counties’ educational attainment levels and performance on key myFutureNC metrics in order to assist in the decision-making process regarding local priorities to increase educational attainment at the local level. There is also an overall 2022 attainment profile for the state. Each 2022 County Attainment…

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Carolina Demography is looking for a new director

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We're looking for a new director to lead Carolina Demography! (Job posting here.) Carolina Demography is a demographic research unit sitting within the Carolina Population Center at UNC-Chapel Hill. We translate demographic knowledge into specific usable information to help people throughout North Carolina understand the implications of demographic change. What you'll do You will: Provide direction and oversight to the Carolina Demography unit at the Carolina Population Center. Solicit, manage, and oversee the performance of…

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2022 Women’s Health Report Card

The Center for Women’s Health Research (CWHR) at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine released the 12th edition of our North Carolina Women’s Health Report Card on May 9, 2022. This document is a progress report on the health and health care needs of North Carolina’s 5+ million women. Carolina Demography collected the data found within this report. A complete list of data indicators and highlights from the report is available from CWHR.…

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Analyzing the Carolina Demography inbox

Shortly after Carolina Demography launched in 2013, we started getting emailed requests for help in using Census data and other data sets. These trickled in from journalists, policymakers, non-profit leaders, and academics throughout the state – and we answered them if they weren’t too complicated and as we had time. By 2018, we were getting over 100 of these requests a year. Two years later, the number of requests for data assistance had tripled –…

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