By on 12.29.14 in Carolina Demographics

5. Non-NC Native Population by County

Two of every five North Carolina residents (42%) were born in another state or country, but this ranges from 14% in Bertie County to 74% in Currituck.

4. Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in North Carolina

After English, Spanish has long been the most common language spoken in North Carolina, but 4 new languages entered the top 10 over the past 3 decades.

3. Why do people move to North Carolina?

Both pre- and post-recession, half of all moves to North Carolina were for work-related reasons.

2. Blue Devils vs. Tar Heels: Running the (alumni) numbers

North Carolina has 157,000 UNC-Chapel Hill alumni, outnumbering the 29,000 Duke alumni more than 5 to 1. But move north and west, and the alumni numbers tilt in Duke’s favor.

1. College Bound: NC Counties and UNC School Attendance

NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill pull students from all 100 counties, but attendance at other state schools is more regional.


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