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As the month of October comes to a close, we reach the first holiday of the autumn season: Halloween. To help you prepare, we’ve put together a guide to the number of trick-or-treaters in the state this year, and a map of where one can expect to get the most visitors! We’ve also run the numbers on North Carolina’s contribution to the holiday, by way of its numerous candy factories and stores.

This year, we took inspiration from the Census Mapper team in Canada who have mapped trick-or-treaters in the Vancouver area by density and by total children per dwelling for the last several years.

Below, you will find our own map featuring the census tracts which make up several of North Carolina’s cities. Each census tract displays its trick-or-treater density: the number of children of trick-or-treating age (5-14 years old) per square kilometer. When clicked on, the census tract will list the total children located there, the density of the tract, and the age breakdown of the potential trick-or-treaters. Due to limited memory, we chose to highlight the cities in North Carolina with the greatest density of trick-or-treaters.

Trick-or-Treaters Map, Select Areas

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey

Happy Halloween from Carolina Demography!

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