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April 1 is traditionally celebrated as Census Day. But, as we all know, this Census Day is a vastly different than in past decades due to COVID-19. Instead of in-person celebrations around the country, many Census advocates will be giving press conferences today on video conferencing software.

To encourage more people to fill out the Census, we’ve created some Census-themed Zoom backgrounds. Use them! Share them! Send us a picture on Twitter (@ncdemography) or through email ( if you use them.

Visit the North Carolina 2020 Census Tracker to see weekly real-time updates on North Carolina’s response rate to the 2020 Census.

Blue Census Zoom Background (right click to download)

Blue Census Zoom Background

White Census Zoom Background (right click to download)

White Census Zoom Background



What your background will look like, featuring Rebecca Tippett

Rebecca Tippett on Zoom background

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