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Today we are launching a new tool with myFutureNC to help you visualize educational indicators at the county-level. The County Explorer map tool provides a bird’s eye view of county performance and uses data from the 2020 County Profiles.

To use the County Explorer tool, select an indicator from the drop-down menu in the left sidebar. Information about the county will be displayed in the right side bar, along with a link to the corresponding county profile.

You can select counties by using the drop-down menu in the left sidebar or by selecting a county from the map of North Carolina.

Information available in the County Explorer map tool currently includes outcomes for demographic groups (race/ethnicity, gender, economic status) when that information is available. Future releases will include trends over time.

The County Explorer works best on desktop devices.

Data Available through the County Explorer

Population-level numbers on the county explorer reflect the data used in the 2020 county-level attainment profiles. Data will be updated and refreshed on the site when the 2021/22 county attainment profiles are released.

screen capture from the MFNC county explorer tool. Image shows a choropleth and Wake county highlighted to show county specific information and surrounding household income level.

Indicator choropleth maps and county information that can be selected from the indicator filter drop-down menu include:

  • Demographic Context
    • Child Poverty
    • Median Household Income
    • Household Broadband Coverage
    • Postsecondary Attainment
  • Academic Readiness
    • NC Pre-K Enrollment
    • College-and-Career Ready in Reading (including gender, race/ethnicity, economic status)
    • College-and-Career Ready in Math Reading (including gender, race/ethnicity, economic status)
  • College and Career Access
    • Chronic Absenteeism
    • High School Graduation Rate Reading (including gender, race/ethnicity, economic status)
    • ACT Performance Reading (including gender, race/ethnicity, economic status)
    • FAFSA Completion
    • Postsecondary Enrollment
  • Postsecondary Completion
    • First-Year Persistence
    • 6-Year Postsecondary Completion
  • Workforce Alignment
    • Opportunity Youth (including gender)
    • Labor Force Participation Rate (including gender)

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