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With UNC and Duke playing each other in the Final Four this weekend, all eyes will be on central North Carolina. ๐Ÿ€

As local demographers based at UNC (#GoHeels), we have a professional obligation to present some demographic facts about both Orange County, NC and Durham County, NC.

Percentage of first-time undergraduate students at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (entering in fall) from…

Orange County: 8.3

Durham County: 3.8




Orange County: 133,801

Durham County: 267, 678


Orange County: 148,696

Durham County: 324,833

Source: U.S. Census Bureau: Orange County, Durham County

2021 birth rate

Orange County: 7.3

Durham County: 12.3

2021 death rate

Orange County: 7.1

Durham County: 8.4

Source: 2021 Population Estimates, U.S. Census Bureau

Commuting Patterns

Percentage of workers who live in Orange County and work in Durham County in 2019: 25%

Percentage of workers who live in Durham County and work in Orange County in 2019: 9.9%

Source: On the Map, U.S. Census Bureau

Basketball hoops per 1000 residents

Durham County: 4.1

Source: Trust for Public Land, Durham County

Basketball players from NC

UNC: 6

Duke: 5

Source: UNC Roster, Duke Roster

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