Who are North Carolina’s public school students?

By on 2.20.24 in Education

Carolina Demography's director, Nathan Dollar, recently participated in the NC Business Summit on Public Education hosted by the Public School Forum of North Carolina. His slides were adapted for this piece, which was originally published by EdNC. Who are North Carolina’s public school students? by Mebane Rash, Nathan Dollar, Mary Ann Wolf and Lanie Sorrow, EducationNC February 19, 2024 We all have an image in our heads of a public school student. Often that image…

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Story Recipe: Components of County Population Change

By on 9.22.23 in Story Recipe

How and why populations change is an issue that has implications for planners, policy makers, and the general public. We receive a lot of inquiries from local government officials, community organizations, members of the media, and individual residents about county-level population estimates and how they change over time. In this story recipe we provide the answers to questions that we often receive regarding county-level population estimates and where and how to access and understand data…

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How Does the New ‘Urban Area’ Definition Affect North Carolina?

By on 5.25.23 in Uncategorized

In January, we posted a blog by Dr. Mike Cline, the NC State Demographer, “Making Sense of the New ‘Urban Area’ Definitions” in which he addressed the changes to how the Census Bureau defines urban areas. This post details the implications of the definition changes and the changing urban-rural composition of North Carolina’s population in general. First, what do urban and rural mean? To recap, before 2020, the Census Bureau’s definition of urban was based…

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Dying to Reopen: Comparing North Carolina and Georgia

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to remain physically distant from each other but has also created new opportunities for us to remain socially connected. Since UNC-Chapel Hill (UNC) closed its campus in mid-March, I (Alexis) have virtually collaborated with my colleagues in the Sociology Department and at the Carolina Population Center, participated in global dance parties on Instagram, laughed with friends on Google Hangout, and played pub-style trivia over Zoom. Each week, I look…

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